The BOM Brand Story Workshop

Everyone knows you need a brand story, right? But, how do you know what to include? How do you use it, or why do you even need one?!?!


You’ll walk away knowing …

What To Include In Your Brand Story

Believe it or not, there’s a framework to use when it comes to building your brand story. We’ll tell you the questions you need to be answering within your brand story and the order to do it in.

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Where to Use Your Brand Story

We’ll let you know the best ways to use your brand story, where it will serve you best, and how to apply different parts of your story based on what your audience needs to hear.

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How Your Brand Story Can Work for You

A lot of good your brand story does you if you don’t know how to use it! Amirite or amirite? Let’s talk about how to use that bad boy to drive engagement, traffic, and sales. We’ll drill down to the good stuff and make sure to give you the secret sauce on making the most out of your brand story.



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Did You Know?

Businesses experience an average 33% revenue growth increase when maintaining consistent branding practices. (Source: Lucis Press State of Brand Consistency)

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